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Action Loan is an Asset-Backed or Hard Money Lender. Most importantly, we are a Direct Lender, not a mortgage broker. The funds we loan are from our private capital sources. Our customers communicate with the owners on every call; there are no middlemen, loan officers or bankers.
Our Rehab Loans are used to modify an existing property, so it is worth more remodeled than it was when you bought it. Action Loan has a quick approval process, same day in most cases and flexible financing terms.
Once you receive a preliminary approval on your Rehab Loan a construction budget and draw schedule will be established. A draw schedule is a detailed payment plan for your construction project. It determines when the funds will be disbursed to you or the contractor.




Action Loan’s House Flipping Loan is a short-term loan, secured by real estate, and used to purchase and renovate property. Our Fix and Flip loan will allow you to buy a property, fix it up and sell it for a profit.
Action Loan specializes in making and servicing Fix and Flip loans. Most times we will lend you the acquisition funds, however, in the correct circumstance, we may be able to arrange a portion of the rehab estimates. Those funds will be paid out to you in draws as the work progresses.
Many of our clients get Fix and Flip loans approved for as little as 10% of the purchase. In other circumstances, down payments for this type of funding may require up to 30% down. Approvals are dependent on the deal, experience, the property and the exit strategy. We will assist in helping throughout your “flip” deal to ensure your success.
If you are a fix and hold investor, we will provide flexible terms that will allow you time to refinance into a permanent loan.


Bridge Loans are designed as interim financing for an individual or business until permanent funding can be found.
Once a commercial or residential property has been purchased, it may take time to improve the residence, place tenants, or sell the property. A Bridge Loan can provide the funds for an investor, real estate professional, or contractor to purchase, build, fix or flip a home or building.
For example, if the primary residence is on the market to be sold and you need a temporary loan to purchase another property Action Loan will give you a Bridge Loan on your primary residence.
If you own a property free and clear or with substantial equity, you can use this as collateral for a Bridge Loan.


Our Loans are used to purchase or refinance commercial properties such as mixed-use buildings, retail centers, self-storage facilities, shopping complexes, student housing, mobile home parks, vacant land, industrial properties, condominium complexes, and restaurants.
Average closing time for our Commercial Hard Money Loans is 5-10 days, and there are zero up-front fees.
We are not a “matrix lender” or broker and can work with a wide variety of clients in different situations. We hold and service all our loans. Since we are a private lender and not a bank, we can close without upfront fees on both residential, investment and commercial properties. We are not bound by the stringent regulatory constraints of traditional bank lenders, and can analyze a transaction from a business perspective and close loans that make sense for you.
Commercial Action Loan Loans have loan terms between 1-3 years and range from $50,000 to $5,000,000.


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